Australia Day Seminar 2020

Super Strata Paper – Australia Day Seminar 2020 – Adrian Barden

Surveyors are great at data collection. With new technology, surveyor staff need to also become good at data mining. Building up a system is about summarising the latest available information into concise, relevant and timely guidance for their clients projects. Information can come from the legislation, regulatory guides, government bodies including fair trading and other sources like advocacy groups and podcasts. Surveyors need to continually engage, collect and process the latest information in order the continue to implement best practise and a culture of continual improvement.

This presentation looks at the information available for developing up a checking system that caters to new employees, gives mid-range staff the ability to make changes and improvements and gives managers access to quality data to review the checking taking place on projects.

Link to Strata Paper – CLICK HERE

Link to PowerPoint presentation – CLICK HERE

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