Subdivision of Low Rise Housing Diversity Code (LRHDC) Developments

Subdivision of Low Rise Housing Diversity Code (LRHDC) Developments

  • Document assessment and site inspection

    Following the issue of a Building Certifier’s Complying Development Certificate issued under Part 3B SEPP (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008, the relevant documentation is assessed against the legislative standards. A Subdivision Certifier conducts the necessary site inspection.

  • Determination of CDC

    A Subdivision Certifier finalises the documentation and determines the Complying Development Certificate for Torrens or Strata subdivision of the development.

  • Review of Subdivision documentation and inspection

    As construction of the development nears completion, the subdivision documentation is collected and assessed. The Subdivision Certifier conducts the final site inspection against the subdivision plan and works-as-executed plans.

  • Torrens or Strata Subdivision Certificate is determined

    The Subdivision Certificate is determined after receipt of the Final Occupation Certificate from the Building Certifier. A surveyor or solicitor can then lodge this to NSW Land Registry Services.


  • We have the largest team of fully qualified Subdivision Certifiers in NSW.
  • Our Subdivision Certifier team is dedicated solely to the assessment, inspection and determination of CDCs and Subdivision Certificates.
  • We have a wealth of knowledge regarding the legislative framework for subdivision of Low Rise Housing Diversity Code developments.
  • We value our industry relationships with Building Certifiers and Surveyors to achieve the most appropriate subdivision outcome on time.

The introduction of the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code allows for developing well-designed dual occupancies, manor homes and terraces (up to two storeys) to be privately certified for construction. Concurrent changes to Part 6 of the SEPP (Exempt and Complying Development Code) 2008 further allows either Torrens Title subdivision or Strata Subdivision of these developments by a Registered Certifier.

This pathway allows developments to be constructed and subdivided with minimal Council interaction. Throughout the process, you will work with a dedicated and fully qualified Certifier to fast-track the approval times for your development.

Land Development Certificates is skilled in assessing the legislative requirements of a development site and design (including review of the applicable Local Environmental Plan and zoning permissibility) to achieve the desired subdivision outcome.

Contact us here to understand how to subdivide your dual occupancy, terrace house or manor home development.

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