Subdivision Certificates

Subdivision Certificates

  • Documents are assessed

    Subdivision Certifier firstly examines the plan of subdivision and all relevant documents.

  • Site inspection

    Inspections are conducted to ensure the completed subdivision works reflect the subdivision plan in accordance with the development consent. We immediately communicate any outstanding issues.

  • Subdivision Certificate issued and signed

    The Subdivision Certifier signs and issues the Subdivision Certificate once all documentation is finalised.

  • Subdivision Certificate is lodged

    Following the issue of the Subdivision Certificate, your Registered Surveyor or Solicitor then lodges the subdivision plan with the NSW Land Registry Services.


  • Our team of professional engineers have over 100 years of combined industry experience; we work closely with your project managers and surveyors to get the job done.
  • We are the most experienced and trusted team of Subdivision Certifiers in NSW.
  • Our team of Subdivision Certifiers understands Council’s practices and the Subdivision Certificate process.

Subdivision Certificates are the final certification step before registering your project with NSW Land Registry Services for the creation of lots and dedication of roads.

At Land Development Certificates, our team of Subdivision Certifiers are on-hand to provide support throughout the process. Our streamlined approach allows us to issue subdivision certificates promptly.

Contact us to take the first step towards obtaining a Subdivision Certificate.

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